16 Movie Characters Who Were the Worst Friends Ever



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We’ve all seen it happen. And by “it,” we mean supporting characters in movies and TV shows who are supposed to be part of the protagonist’s inner circle being selfish and good-for-nothing in their attempts to support their friends. Sometimes, it’s the lead who turns out to be so self-absorbed that they forget to care about those around them. Such characters create a toxic space that only serves to bring down their friends in an effort to boost their own ego or out of jealousy.

Whether we’re talking about iconic romantic-comedies or dark teen dramas, bad friends make appearances in pretty much every genre. Sure, sometimes they’re supposed to be the “villains,” but other times it seems like they’re actually supposed to be sympathetic characters. Like, what? We can only hope that the future generations who watch these movies don’t think that being a bad friend is the norm!

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