18 Hilarious Movies That Were Written By Women



Despite making some steps toward equality over the past few years, the entertainment business is still largely male-dominated. More men see their movies hit the big time, more men find themselves in positions of authority, and more women fail to have their creative voices heard. While this is a widespread issue in all genres, it’s especially noticeable in the world of comedy. It’s not like women aren’t as funny as men. In fact, we’re pretty freaking hilarious. Unfortunately, Hollywood just doesn’t seem willing to fully accept that fact.

Still, some female comedy writers have managed to smash through that glass ceiling and get their work out there. The total hilarity of the movies they’ve given us just proves that this genre needs more female input! From rom-coms to coming-of-age tales, women have given us some hilarious movies over the years. Here are just a few of them that are total must-sees.

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