3 reasons why gynecomastia or male boobs are on the rise among young men


Breasts are never associated with the male physiology but a chiselled and flat chest is. This is why when young boys or men develop sagging, protruding, jiggling breasts it is an embarrassment for them. Men with male boobs or gynecomastia have a difficult time dealing with the situation. This condition erodes their self-confidence and makes them devalue their worth. No matter how much we shout it out that aesthetic is not the measure of a man’s (and even a woman’s) worth and value, we cannot avoid the fact that appearance does matter to the mass the self alike. Of course, one should be accepting of one’s flaws and be more body positive but to reach there you need to be comfortable with the body you have and not everyone can handle a physiological flaw with a rock steady confidence. Here are seven FAQs on male breast reduction answered by an expert.

While a man might live all happy and gay with a pot belly but male boobs he is surely going to detest. Men with moobs (male boobs) would do anything to get rid of it. But before we get there and tell you how to get rid of the unwanted glands off your chest you need to know how you get them in the first place. Why these feminine features grow on some male chest and spare the rest. We spoke to Dr JB Ratti, Senior Cosmetic Surgeon, Vital Clinic to delve deep into the problem. Here are three main reasons he lists that leads to male boobs or gynecomastia:

Childhood obesity: This is one of the major causes of gynecomastia or male boobs. More often than not childhood obesity is the direct outcome of unhealthy lifestyle coupled with dependence on junk and high-calorie foods. Easy accessibility of fast foods and a general laziness in the urban population has made processed foods take over and replace freshly cooked foods (most of our authentic dishes) during meal times. Dining on processed foods, high-calorie foods and foods that are high in fat content only increases body fat percentage and has diminished nutritional value. While these food habits do a lot of damage and alter an adult’s body composition children are the worst affected. Here are four health problems of having man boobs.

Excess fat in the body produces more oestrogen and this hormone, in boys, delay puberty and leads to the development of certain feminine features. The most visible result of this is – development of breasts – small or large. However, these are immature mammary glands (unlike the female breasts they don’t produce milk) but develop on the male chest giving a feminine look. These glands are immature, but once formed, they are permanent in nature. Inability to control weight also leads to accumulation of more fat in the glands making the moobs increase in their size. Here are nine things you should never do if you have an obese child.

Lack of physical activity: One reason for childhood obesity is physical inactivity too. So, one can say that lack of physical activity can also be a reason behind gynecomastia. Children are more dependent on gadgets these days and hardly spend time outdoors. Recreational content created to keep them hooked to their screens is doing great damage in ways more than we can imagine. It restricts physical activities, makes hormones go for a toss, alters their brain function and much more. But talking about male boobs, lack of physical activity means inability to burn calories effectively. This means more fat in the body and hence the moobs. Here are ways in which busy parents can spend more time with children outdoors.

Hormonal imbalances: Apart from obesity and restricted physical activity another crucial reason for male breast is an imbalance between androgen (male hormone) and estrogen (female hormone) at the time of puberty. In some boys, for reasons unknown, there is a fall in male hormone at puberty for a variable period. This is when the female hormones take over and work unopposed by the male hormones. The visible effect of this is that boys develop prominent breasts. Once the glands are laid down in the chest area, they do not regress. As the hormones stabilize, further development of the mammary glands stops. This is the physiological cause of development of gynecomastia.  About 25-30% of boys tend to develop this condition. However, increasing obesity among young boys is causing the incidence to rise.

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Published: June 19, 2018 1:30 pm | Updated:June 19, 2018 2:39 pm

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