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What are the steps to permanently remove your gynecomastia? Learn how to remove the tissue to remove the issue. Step 1 is infiltration. Step 2 is Vaser. Step 3 is extract the fat. Step 4 is removing the tissue to remove the issue.

Infiltration is filling the areas effected by gynecomastia with fluid – saline with epinephrine – to prepare for liposuction.

Vaser is a revolutionary new technique employed by Dr. Caridi in the treatment of gynecomastia that uses sound energy to reduce the size of the fibrofatty glandular tissue that is responsible for gynecomastia and dissolve the fat surrounding the tissue so that it can be removed with a smaller incision and a less invasive procedure.

Extracting the fat is using a liposuction cannula to extract the fat that was loosened with the Vaser ultrasound machine.

Removing the tissue is extracting the glandular mass. After reducing the size of the gland with the Vaser technique, the gland can be extracted so that gynecomasia doesn’t return and leave puffy nipples.

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