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The food situation in Chad has deteriorated, as is the case of the regional trend in the Sahel. Based on the results of the March 2018 harmonized framework, 4 million people are due to be food insecure during the lean season (June-August 2018), including approximately 520,000 refugees and returnees. Among these people, 991,000 are severely food insecure (“crisis” and “emergency” phases) – having exhausted their food reserves and unable to meet their basic food needs.

In a context where access to basic social services is extremely limited, their health, especially their nutritional status, can rapidly deteriorate. The areas the most aected are primarily located in the Sahel belt, where the majority of people aected by severe food insecurity in Chad are located. Humanitarian actors prioritize emergency food assistance to people in severe food insecurity and support the livelihood of vulnerable households.

Development parthers are requested to provide long tem and durable solutions to the current crisis.


The nutritional situation has deteriorated and is of great concern both in the regions and in N’djamena. In 2017, the global acute malnutrition national rate is 13.9%, two points higher than in 2016. Severe acute malnutrition stands at 3.9%, above the emergency threshold of 2% and that of 2016 at 2.6%.

Providing emergency response to acute malnutrition is a priority in 15 regions, mostly in the Sahel belt and N’djamena, including refugee camps, and returnee and displaced sites where the GAM and/or SAM rate is often above or equal to the emergency threshold (GAM = 15% and SAM = 2%).

As the causes of malnutrition are multisectoral and linked to structural factors, the fight against acute malnutrition must be carried out through a set of integrated and multi-year interventions covering nutrition, food, health, education, and water, hygiene and sanitation.

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