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Andrew has been dealing with gynecomastia since his youth. In this documentary, he describes the emotional pain that gynecomastia has had on his life as he prepares for a life changing transformation with Dr. Caridi.

While there are no direct health issues associated with gynecomastia, the emotional side effects can be severe for young and adult men. In this short film, Andrew describes how gynecomastia even made him uncomfortable in front of his wife. Andrew has dealt with gynecomastia for so long that he can’t even imagine what life will be like after the transformative surgery.

He at first thought that all kinds of cosmetic surgery were just for women. Like many patients, Andrew doesn’t live in Austin but has traveled to see Dr. Caridi, an expert in gynecomastia removal surgery. Dr. Caridi’s expertise in gynecomastia made Andrew feel comfortable that there was a place dedicated to men, to taking care of the condition that bothered him so much.

Dr. Caridi has a “gynecomastia scale” that he uses to measure of the burden the patient carries. It’s a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means little to no burden and 10 means it’s really bad. Most patients who present to me at the AGC generally give themselves a 7-10. Andrew says his is a “12”. After his gynecomastia surgery with Doctor Caridi, Andrew notes that “the thing that always weighed me down is finally gone.” After the surgery, Andrew rates his gynecomastia burden as a “0” and notes that he finally went to the beach and for the first time took off his shirt, for the first time in his life.

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