Gynecomastia: Post Surgery – 8 week update

In this video, I show my physique update 8 weeks post surgery. I also talk about the workout program that I’m on (PH3 Trainer by Dr. Layne Norton).

PH3 Link:

I am still having that issue on my right side of either 1) Swelling 2) Scar tissue or 3) (hopefully not) Gland.

Will be talking with Doctor on Monday (December 12), to see if they have anything to help break down that residual scar tissue.

If you have any suggestions on good Video Editing software (to make a good intro, better cuts, add audio on top of video, etc) I’d appreciate it if you could let me know some of them.

Also if you have any questions/suggestions on topics, etc. Please leave them below.

Til next time!


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