Is Liposuction Safe? What You Need To Know Before Going Under The Knife!

Is Liposuction Safe? What You Need To Know Before Going Under The Knife!
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Host: Admit it you’ve thought about I have especially after a rigorous workout maybe I’ll just get liposuction it would be so much easier but what do we really know about it can it get rid of cellulite stubborn belly fat saddlebags all rest of it dr. bill Johnson of innovations medical is here to separate the fat from the fiction today good morning dr. bill man coming in you appreciate it.

Dr. J: Good morning!

Host: You do more than 200 liposuction cases a year, so I know you get a lot of the same questions let’s just address a few that are probably very common why are there so many misconceptions about liposuction.

Dr. J: I think one of the reasons are so many is it’s a very frequency done procedure it’s probably it and breast augmentation or hip and tuck is what’s the most done in the United States each year and so that leads to some misconceptions and also a lot of prominent people get up and talk about I had this mistake or that problem and that’s led to a perception of some problems that really don’t exist.

Host: We’ve heard a lot of horror stories about liposuction can you address some of them.

Dr. J: Well yeah you know one of them is Kayne West’s mother died a fly years ago and almost off you look at these stories almost all of them the problems that happen with that liposuction is involved other procedures have also been involved Kanye’s mother had a facelift a breast augmentation at same time when you look at liposuction alone done with the local anesthetic like we do it in our office there is yet to be documented death from that in the United States with several hundred thousand cases having been done over the last 25 years so it’s very safe procedure

Host: One of the things that people often want to know is does liposuction result in a lot of rippling or unevenness

Dr. J: Well early on this was a real problem and here’s a good example and you can see she’s got this his from liposuction and you can see from the front and her earlier tools were bad about this and you also have to have use good technique but nowadays most of time when you use good technique in modern tools you really can do a good job with helping the rippling and preventing it

Host: This is something that I have read about what about liposuction simply moving the fat around

Dr. J: Oh, that concept is out there and it’s also another one that’s false because there have been several studies that look at it about half the women that have liposuction will get an increase in their breast size other than along the bust line there are no other area that increases measurably even with large volume liposuction, so you are able successfully to eliminate life of fat from a selective area using liposuction and it doesn’t tend to come back

Host: And what about scarring are they is their scarring?

Dr. J: Well early on the scarring could be pretty bad but nowadays we use some technique like this this is to show we have a little ceramic port that we use on the a lot of our cases that protects that wound as we’re doing it a true story when I wanted to show a wound for this segment and my assistant Alan that does most my graphics for me had trouble finding it so I don’t know if well but we’ll see this

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