Laser Smart Liposuction Stomach in Huntington Long Island at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery

This Laser Smart Liposuction stomach / abdomen video is by Dr. Lebowitz, located in Huntington, Long Island NY. The patient felt extremely self-conscious about her stomach due to stubborn belly fat and wanted it removed! The stubborn fat around the central torso and abdomen simply does not go away or burn as easy as other areas, even with a proper diet, exercise and by eating “clean.”

Dr. Lebowitz is a cosmetic perfectionist that will remove, reshape and tighten unwanted stomach fat and skin. Watch him perform Laser Smart Liposuction on this patient by inconspicuously placing incisions to first introduce a dilute anesthetic, local anesthesia into the abdomen region. He then uses a Smart Liposuction Triplex laser through the small discreet openings to first gently melt and liquefy the unwanted belly-fat, followed by a tightening of the skin by using a blend of three different laser wave lengths. Lastly, you’ll see him use special cannulas to gently aspirate and remove the liquefied unwanted fat, leaving the patient with a beautifully contoured abdominal region!

The final results of her Laser Smart Liposuction stomach procedure are permanent, the fat does not return or go elsewhere, and the skin continues to tighten and improve over a 6-to-12 month time period. Laser Smart Liposuction destroys and removes fat cells in the area and they will never return! Dr. Lebowitz does encourage a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise to supplement and maintain this cosmetic procedure. Dr. Lebowitz also provides nutritional and exercise advice to all his patients.

All Laser Smart Liposuction procedures are custom tailored to meet each patients’ request, desires and goals. He also uses local anesthesia in his clean, comfortable and safe office to save patients thousands of dollars in operating room and anesthesia fees. Many of Dr. Lebowitz’s patients that request Laser Smart Liposuction of the stomach region will also choose to combine liposuction of the arms, back, flanks, and neck to complete their overall refined new look.

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Laser Smart Liposuction in Huntington, Long Island NY

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