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Dear Dr G,

I take pleasure in your column each Sunday, and I need to add your sense of humour usually places a smile on my face.

I do know you often handle points coping with sexual well being, so I’m sorry to place Dr G on the spot for a barely totally different matter.

I’m a 48-year-previous man and have been obese for a few years.

I lately had a well being scare and began to eat properly and train recurrently.

My spouse thinks it’s midlife disaster. I assume it have to be and she must be happy the disaster doesn’t present itself in a quick automotive or a brand new woman.

I’m glad I’ve shed vital weight and decreased my waist measurement from 36 inches to 31 inches.

But regardless of dropping a lot weight, I proceed to be haunted by ugly man boobs.

I’m considerably annoyed and apprehensive, as I perceive there’s additionally a danger of breast most cancers in males.

Can you inform me how to make sure that I don’t have breast most cancers?

I additionally perceive that man boobs are troublesome to deal with with drugs.

Do you assume I can profit from surgical intervention?

How is surgery carried out and what are the dangers?

Thank you prematurely on your reply.

Happy Pink October!


Man Boobs


Abnormally enlarged male breasts, with delicate and cellular fatty tissue beneath the areolae are derogatively often known as man boobs.

This enlargement is usually bilateral, however can even happen on only one aspect. In scientific phrases, the situation is called gynecomastia, which is usually related to the disturbances within the hormonal system. 

The improve within the ratio of estrogen to androgen is considered liable for the event of male breasts.

In different phrases, a person with an “overdrive” of feminine hormones and might manifest feminine sexual traits.

Gynecomastia is a standard dysfunction of the breasts and could be physiological throughout totally different levels of life.

Breast engorgement happens in almost 90% of newborns, and principally resolves spontaneously.

During adolescence, as much as 70% of males are additionally troubled by breast enlargement, including to the nervousness of the puberty.

Lastly, man boobs in older males, also called senile gynecomastia, is estimated to have an effect on between 24% and 65% of males between the ages of 50 to 80.

This “senile” bodily change might persist, and is usually a supply of psychological misery. The prevalence of gynecomastia is rising and the precise etiology isn’t absolutely understood.

The actual explanation for grownup gynecomastia is unknown. However, the unwanted effects of sure drugs, weight problems, metabolic syndromes and a common decline of testosterone with advancing age are often incriminated. 

Medicines which might be nicely studied to trigger irregular breast enlargement in males embrace anti-fungals, anti-hypertension medicine, indigestion cures and hair loss medicine.

Chronic illnesses similar to liver failure in addition to dialysis may also tip the stability of male and feminine sexual hormones, inflicting gynecomastia.

Obese males with gynecomastia resulting from extreme weight achieve, might ponder weight reduction to be an answer to decrease breast measurement accordingly.

Sadly, such measures might not scale back the glandular element of the breast, and an enormous lack of bodily weight may even end in sagging chest tissue, a situation generally known as chest ptosis.

Conservative administration of gynecomastia is usually advisable as treatment to unravel the issue is usually ineffective.

For males dealing with the difficulty of disgrace and low self-esteem, the lure of surgical correction is all the time tempting.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast discount operations have gotten more and more widespread.

Surgical intervention might embrace liposuction or tissue excisions. The purpose of operations are to get rid of the creases on the chest and expose a traditional masculine chest!

Men with gynecomastia might seem anxious resulting from considerations about the potential of most cancers.

Male breast most cancers certainly is uncommon and accounts for 1% of all breast cancers.

The danger of most cancers will increase with elevated ranges of estrogen and household historical past of breast most cancers.

Irregular lumps, dimpling of pores and skin and nipple retraction are usually not indicators of gynecomastia and could also be alarming indicators of most cancers.

Early medical consideration is strongly beneficial for such shows.

During the month of Pink October, I’m grateful our reader highlighted the difficulty of breast abnormalities, eliminating the taboo of breast most cancers dialogue, even in males.

Dr G is usually placed on the spot to seek out the answer for males with gynecomstia following remedy for prostate circumstances.

The French writer and thinker Simone de Beauvoir as soon as stated: “To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.”

On that observe, the one recommendation I may give to my sufferers is: “Wear loose shirts. Focus on your inner beauty and ignore the outer bulges. Soon, the moobs will seem less troublesome!”

> The views expressed are solely the author’s personal.

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