Nutrition & Food Myths: The Biggest Lies We’ve Been Told


“No diet advice is complete if you only tell people what not to eat,” says Dr. Willett. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners consisting entirely of bacon and sawed-off chunks off cheese the size of a car battery is a staple of most low-carb diets, but your dietary approach needs to be far more complicated when you’re looking at the bigger picture.

But complicated nutrition programs don’t sell books, and you can’t make a Dr. Phil-esque comment that sums it up succinctly. So low-carb programs sell big and folks keep on being skinny right up to their first heart attack.

Myth #5: Diet soda makes you thin

“Oh, for the love of…” you’re saying. “Diet soda has zero calories. How can it not make you thin?”

That’s what the makers of diet sodas have been banking on (and taking to the bank) for decades. Like all the other myths on this list, it passes the sniff test initially because its surface thesis is sound: If you drink sodas with lots of sugar and calories, you’re going to put on more weight than if you drink sodas with zero calories.

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