Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Bad Liposuction

Dr. Sid Mirrafati from Mira Aesthetic Center destroyed my body with botched liposuction plastic surgery. Once upon a time I was a partially braindead zombie who went out and paid a plastic surgeon to mutilate my body. I didn’t know anything about the ketogenic diet at the time and every other diet I tried didn’t work. I even got to the point of eating 800 calories a day but kept on gaining weight because I was eating the wrong kind of food! If you live in LA you know that women are under constant pressure to look a certain way and if you don’t conform to Hollywood’s ridiculous standard of beauty, you are immediately thrown to the kerb and ignored. In order to prevent that from happening to me, I risked death in order to obtain that superficial plastic body. The result was a permanently scarred body. Thanks Dr. Mirrafati. Asshole.

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