Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell is Faking Her Instagram Pics & It’s Sketchy



This is definitely the weirdest news we’ve heard in awhile. Apparently, former Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has been faking her recent Instagram posts during her trip to Hong Kong, and… nobody has any idea why this is happening.

If you follow Shay on Insta, you already know that she’s been posting all about her #Shaycation, where she’s been traveling around Hong Kong and eating tons of dim sum. But apparently, it seems like not all of her posts have come from her experience this trip. As Stylecaster pointed out, Shay is actually snatching some of her Instagram photos from other sources, and so far, there seems to be no real explanation why.

Exhibit A: These dreamy, pastel buildings that Shay said inspired her “next polish change”?
Yeah, Stylecaster revealed that it was actually taken in 2014 by a photographer named Jan Vranovsky, and on top of that, these buildings are in Tokyo, not Hong Kong. Oops.

Exhibit B: Shay posted this photo from while she was in Shanghai:

But it was actually posted almost two years ago on a different account — just with a different filter.

Then, there’s Exhibit C: When Shay “visited” the Terracotta Warriors, she posted a photo of them:

However, this photo seems to have come directly from this website, so she obviously didn’t take that one, either. Did she even go see the warriors herself? The world may never know.

And on top of these posts, she’s even made big oops like leaving a mouse cursor in the screenshot of one of her Instagram story photos. That may have been what tipped off fans to the whole debacle. The post itself seemed to be a photo of a photo on Canon’s website. SO strange.

However, it’s debatable that she’s faking the entire trip; there are photos that show her actually in Hong Kong, but who knows if they’re Photoshopped and fake, too?

This leads us to one big question: Why would Shay do this? Is she simply trying to make her vacation look more exciting than it is? Is she not in the mood to take photos this trip, so she’s snagging them from other places to pass them off as her own? Or is she at home, doing some kind of experiment to see if anyone would notice some of her photos were false? Could it be something even more scandalous? We are so confused.

Regardless of the reason behind her choices, fans are starting to catch on and are leaving all kinds of questions in the comments on these photos. Whatever’s going on, we hope she comes clean soon. Shay, please fill us in.

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