Returning to Work After a Male Breast Reduction


Returning to Work After a Male Breast Reduction Taking time to recover from any surgical procedure is key to successful results. Proper rest during this period is also vital to getting back to your normal routine the quickest. Pushing your body too soon does not benefit in the long run, as this only sets you up for potential complications. So, what does this mean for men seeking assistance with their gynecomastia? How soon can you safely return to work and normal activities?

Gynecomastia Recovery

The male breast reduction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. This tells you that the same afternoon, you will be at home resting in your own bed. Initially, you will be tired, sore, and swollen. A surgical compression garment will be placed around your chest. Sleep propped on pillows or in a recliner, as this will help minimize swelling. Depending on your individual body and the male breast reduction technique(is) employed, the recovery from gynecomastia correction will take from one to two weeks.

Be prepared for your recovery by:

  • Have all of your prescriptions filled prior to the day of surgery.
  • Have a comfortable area set up for when you arrive home, preferably in a quiet place.
  • Have extra pillows on hand to prop yourself up for the first several days.
  • Movies, books, and magazines can help keep you entertained, yet still, during the initial healing process.
  • Soft, nutritious, easy-to-prepare foods should be on hand, as your appetite may be low from the anesthesia.
  • Have a friend or significant other check in on you, helping with household chores and heavy lifting during the first 24-48 hours.
  • Schedule your follow-up visits with your plastic surgeon – and keep them – no matter how good you are feeling.

You will be encouraged to walk right away. Daily activities can be slowly resumed over the first week. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise, however, should be postponed for four to six weeks.

Heading Back to Work After a Male Breast Reduction

Most men are feeling good enough to return to work about a week after their male breast reduction. This will depend on several factors, however, including how well the recovery is progressing and the specific type of employment. For example, a desk job is less strenuous therefore can be resumed earlier than a more physical job, such as waiter or chef. Jobs that require heavy lifting and vigorous activities, like construction or maintenance, may need to be put off for several weeks. During your consultation appointment with Dr. Vitenas, we will carefully discuss the recovery requirements of your intended gynecomastia procedure, and will layout the recommended time table for resuming work.

Will everyone know I had surgery?

Returning to work, school, and other routine activities can be intimidating for those wanting to keep the details of their surgical procedure private. For men undergoing a gynecomastia correction, a surgical garment may need to remain in place for several weeks, overlapping the return to work. This can easily be hidden under clothing. However, the incisions may be swollen and bruised for several weeks, so bearing your chest could reveal clues to the surgery. As the breasts heal over the next several months, swelling will resolve and the incisions, placed in well-concealed areas, will fade. In no time, your chest will look flat, smooth, and taut – with no signs of any surgery. Only you will know there was a male breast reduction.

Find Out More About Your Gynecomastia Correction Options

Only trust your body to a board certified, experienced gynecomastia surgeon. Dr. Vitenas has 30 years of experience with male breast reduction techniques, offering men unmatched results. Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at 281.668.7370 to schedule your free, confidential gynecomastia consultation.

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