Wellness for the Family: Childhood Stress


The end of summer can be stressful for both parents and students alike—knowing that school is right around the corner.

Registered Dietitian Grace Derocha, with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, knows some ways to sooth anxiety for the little ones before they head to the bus stop.

Eat Well

The dietitian in Derocha compels her to remind families that when they eat well, they feel well.

Fruits, vegetables, all the things that go into a healthy diet also contribute to a healthy mind.

Sleep Deep

Tiredness is often a factor in people’s moodiness and stress.

Derocha reminds families catching a few more Z’s is a great way to catch up on motivation before school.

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Stay hydrated

Play outside

Listen to music

“Have fun…Exercise is always a great way to de-stress naturally,” Derocha says. “And it wears them out so they sleep.”

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