Wellness For The Family: Kids’ Summer Time Filler Ideas


If you haven’t had enough fun this summer, the good news is it is family fun month.

Registered Dietician Grace Derocha, from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, has a few ideas to help bring your family together and make the most of the time you have left for the summer.

Get outside

Do whatever you can to enjoy the sunshine and the warmth.

“Always a good thing for the body, and I feel like your mind as well,” Derocha says.

Cook with the kids

Derocha really loves making her kids cook.

It’s great to get them started early so that when they are older, you can let them loose and leave them in charge of dinner.


Even though it’s getting toward the end of summer, you can actually plant things that will harvest in the fall.

Or send the family weed-pulling.

Avoid the summer slide

The summer slide is where kids forget what they learned in school the year before.

You can keep their minds sharp by doing workbooks.

Get creative

“I think having them do things like going on a scavenger hunt or writing in their journal about how they feel, maybe even a question of the day that you all have to answer and then at dinner you can share,” Derocha says. “Maybe it’s just how their day is going, little things that they can write down and almost have a memory built from the summer.”

Summer bucket list

Write stuff down on Popsicle sticks or have the kids write their summer bucket list on paper and pick the best ideas.

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