Wellness Tips for Winter Health


For many people this winter has been spent trying to get well and stay well.

From illness to dry skin, our friend Grace Derocha has some tricks to make it to spring feeling good.

How to make it through the winter feeling well:

Remember to hydrate, drink plenty of fluids and enjoy fruits and vegetables with a high water content like berries and cucumbers.

Skin also needs hydration. Keep the lotion and lip balm close always.

Sleep will help you feel your best. Set a “get ready for bed” alarm, keep a routine, journal, light candles, and put electronic devices down. Do what you can to create a restful atmosphere.

Getting exercise during the day will help that bedtime process. You can use videos from DVDs or online and grab those weights and bands for resistance exercises.

But don’t forget probiotics; 80 percent of illness comes from the gut. Probiotics contain the “good” bacteria that promotes good gut-health.

And make sure you keep anti-bacterial gel and wipes handy, washing your hands frequently.

And if you do get sick and need to see someone, here’s a guide to help you. It includes online visits for Blue Cross Blue Shield members.



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