What is a breast reduction?

What is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction, Breast augmentation

This is an intervention to reduce the volume of the chest by removing the skin and the corresponding mammary gland. The reduction of the breast is the intervention that aims to reshape breasts too big, give them an aesthetic curve and a better position. Breast hypertrophy may appear at the end of the pubertal period or be secondary to one or more pregnancies, and to significant weight variations. The natural process of aging also induces a modification of the content of the breast: exclusively glandular content in the girl; age results in progressive infiltration of fat into the breast tissue.


This intervention is for patients with breast hypertrophy . This scientific term describes the presence of a large mammary volume (most often responsible for back pain), which is the cause of a breast ptosis most often associated (breast ptosis is the scientific name describing the falling breasts).

In addition to the functional problem related to backache very disabling in everyday life, is grafted the problem of self-esteem associated with a chest often very drooping and unrepresentative of femininity.

During the initial consultation, the clinical examination will take into account the importance of the intervention but also the overall health of the patient. The surgeon will evaluate the amount of gland to be reduced and will see if a possible management is possible if the volume of breast removed is greater than 300 grams (which generally represents the loss of at least two cups).

The risks associated with the procedure will be clearly explained and high resolution photos of the appearance of the scars will be shown. It is important to also see the appearance of scars at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years to see the final appearance of scars that fade a lot after one year.

Breast augmentation:

The breast augmentation is an operation breast surgery to increase breast size. The inserted breast implant is a “false breast”, a silicone casing filled with gel or saline solution with a specific shape. There are all kinds of prostheses, able to be adapted to all types of morphologies. A round prosthesis, for example, gives volume on the upper part of the breast and a plunging neckline while the pear prosthesis makes the breasts more separated and juvenile.

The important thing is to talk with the cosmetic surgeon who will be able to propose you a form, an aspect, for a natural rendering or “cinema”, taking into account your morphology and your wishes.

breast augmentation

During a first consultation that lasts about half an hour, the surgeon will show you photos of breasts operated and will dialogue with you on the choice of the volume and the shape of the desired prosthesis. He will give you a quote. You will then have 15 days of compulsory reflection because this kind of operation is not done lightly.

Once the decision is made, make an appointment with the anesthesiologist. The operation is done under general anesthesia. He will advise you to take a pain reliever (Di-Antalvic) a week before. The surgeon makes an incision, takes off the tissue (the skin), inserts the breast implants, under or on the muscle, and closes with resorbable threads.

The same technique is used, regardless of the path. There are 3 of them: the periareolar approach, around the perimeter of the areola surrounding the nipple, the sub-mammary way, in the groove of the breast, the axillary way, in the hollow of the armpit.


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