What is gyno | what is gynecomastia

Gyno is the medical dictionary word for man boobs or Gynecomastia. It is about the abnormal enlargement of breast tissues in males. Although all men have breast tissue, most do not notice it or perhaps do not even realize it is there, as it is so small that it can not be seen or even felt. This issue is really critical to consider as it refers to the enlargement of men’s chest which further can be converted into breasts same as that of woman. This is really a problematic issue to think about as this problem in man can destroy his life.

A man suffering from gyno can go through a serious psychological trouble which can be unbearable. The symptoms of this disease gets notable either in teenage or in old age. You can identify it, if a boy has a fatty mass around his nipples. That mass can further grow into forming a breast on the chest of a man. New born babies have also got traces of this issue.

The great news is that Gynecomastia is curable with a surgery or laser treatment. These both ways of treatments, scare us because they are the last most option for everyone as it can be dangerous and surgery can affect other areas of health as well. The gyno surgery is just like cutting of the mass out of your body but now surgery is not only treatment as there are natural ways present to treat the gyno.
Firstly you would need to know that why gyno hit your body. The answer about that you can find in your eating habits. Usage of different synthetic food and chemicals to increase the shelf life of food is the main Problem. When you intake those chemicals, it causes Gynecomastia to happen whereas gyno is an overgrown tissue in your body or a lump and this lump can also be a cancer that is growing in your body. Avoid completely using any kind of inorganic food and stick to organic food, right from the fields. Natural food can help you a lot on getting rid of gyno. Drink as much water as you can Because it would clean all the dirty masses and extra fats from your body. Minimize eating meat and other fats and cholesterol containing food. Use food which has got fiber.

The Gynecomastia can also appear due to hormonal imbalance whereas looking after it and controlling it is really necessary. It is not just about the appearance of your body shape but it can be as serious as cancer. The gyno at occur in the age of puberty as in this era of your life, you go through hormonal changes and these hormonal changes can cause your tissues to grow but as you grow up, your hormonal level is back to normal and you get rid of this issue. Drinking too much alcohol, using anti-ulcer drugs and heart medication can also cause gyno.

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