What to expect after a gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery


Some men might have to go under the knife or opt for mastectomy to get rid of male boobs. The procedure is considered to be safe and is a low risk one. However, before undergoing the surgery one has to follow certain protocols to ensure that the surgery is a success. Similarly to get best results there are certain dos and don’ts one need to follow after the surgery too. Here Dr Viral Desai, Celebrity Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, DHI & CPLSS, Mumbai tells us what to expect after a gynecomasty:

Here is what you need to right after a gynecomasty:

  1. Always wear a corset or a special garment that is advised by the doctor at least for 6 weeks post surgery to help in speedy recovery and healing.
  2. Try and avoid lifting heavy weights for at least three weeks post procedure.
  3. Follow all the medical instructions given by a doctor while leaving the hospital and compulsorily take the medicines for the next week or till when prescribed.

What should one expect after the procedure?

To get desired results one should learn about the pros and cons before undergoing the procedure. The first step is to decide exactly what it is about the body (or appearance) that the patient would like to improve or change. People sign up for plastic surgical procedures for many reasons – to look younger, to change an undesirable feature or to feel confident about oneself. The decision is personal. Plastic surgery will not, by itself, change anyone’s personality. So one should know why one is going through the process and go for it for physiological and psychological benefits rather than aesthetic reasons. Here are things that you should do before undergoing male breast reduction surgery. Here are eight things to keep in mind before going for a male breast reduction surgery.

Normally a single session might be enough to appreciate the visible difference. When the fat tissues are removed and the chest appears flat. But some scars might be left at the site right after the surgery. Around 10 to 15 percent of male patients undergo this surgery in India. Here are few faqs you need to get answered before going for male breast reduction surgery.

Male breasts are really unpleasant. However, due to bad lifestyle choices and hormonal imbalances they do develop breasts. This is a reason why mastectomy might become a widely used procedure in future. One reason why men prefer to go for this procedure to get rid of male boobs is that it has a low downtime or fast recovery rate. The risk to reward ratio is also very high. It is a surgery with very high reward with negligible risk.

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