Why will I have to wear a compression garment?


Why will I have to wear a compression garment after my male breast reduction?The recovery from gynecomastia correction is generally smooth, with only mild discomfort and minimal bruising. Men can return to work and most normal activities in just a few days, although this will depend the extent of correction and their individual healing process. As part of the healing process, most men will need to wear a compression garment for the first several weeks after their male breast reduction. But why?

The purpose of a compression garment, sometimes called a surgical garment or compression vest, is to help the skin contract and heal properly. As this device binds the chest tissue, the chance of swelling is greatly diminished. Additionally, the light pressure will help to decrease post-op pain. There are many types of compression garments available; during your consultation, your surgeon will recommend the best product for your situation.

Benefits of a Compression Garment:

  • Reduce fluid buildup – A surgical vest will decrease the post-op accumulation of fluid within the tissues (lymphedema), thus diminishing swelling.
  • Promote skin adhesion – The compression garment helps the skin to adjust to the newly contoured area, healing smoothly to create the desired flat chest.
  • Increases circulation – Added pressure from the surgical vest will allow blood and plasma to circulate freely throughout the post-op tissue, reducing the chances for seromas and hematomas.
  • Reduce side effects – A surgical garment will diminish swelling, bruising, discomfort, and keeps the wound sterile, therefore reducing the chance of infection.

The Compression Garment

A properly fitting compression garment will hug the body very snuggly. It will not be unbearably tight, however. Your compression garment may feel a bit bulky at first, but many men feel that overall, it helps to make the recovery period much more comfortable. Made from a nylon, spandex, or cotton knit fabric, the expandable and breathable material stretches around the body, providing the support needed for proper healing. Most compression garments are easy to conceal under t-shirts or work shirts. Your surgeon will discuss how long he recommends the vest to be worn, usually ranging from four to six weeks. During this time, the compression garment should be worn 24 hours a day, only to be removed when showering.

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