Will Gynecomastia Go Away With Diet, Exercise, Creams or Pills? by Dr. Lebowitz, Cosmetic Surgeon

Will Gynecomastia go away with diet, exercise, creams or pills? is a question often asked and answered by Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz at the Long Island Gynecomastia Center in Huntington, Long Island NY.

Male enlarged breasts can result from two conditions: excess fat in the chest area or dense glandular tissue in the chest area. Surgery is the ONLY option to remove gynecomastia… Yes, diet and exercise are extremely important but they will not remove the dense, glandular tissue (which can be seen in my videos).

The creams and pills (hormonal) are typically for “research only;” which should be enough information for you to just stay away from! No cream or pill will get rid of your gynecomastia. Perhaps it will “subdue” the overall appearance but once a hormonal imbalance returns, it will get triggered and reappear. The healthiest thing you can do is NOT use a cream or pill and just get the surgery.

Dr. Lebowitz has over 30 years of experience specializing in local anesthesia, gynecomastia and other cosmetic procedures. He recognizes that male Gynecomastia can cause feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness for adolescents, difficulties in wearing form fitting shirts for adults and a distraction from a chiseled and sculpted chest on body builders. Dr. Lebowitz wants all his Gynecomastia patients to have CLOSURE, for both physical and psychological reasons.

Dr. Lebowitz personally communicates with each patient and gives complete instructions to help speed their recovery. Please visit his Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction Surgery) page for additional information:

Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynecomastia)

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